1963 Carvin Catalog Cover


Carvin's one bass model for 1963 was unchanged from the 1962 model, and the doubleneck guitar/bass had only minor changes to the electronics configuration. It would still be several years before customers had more than one model to choose from.

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1963 Carvin Model #72-BG Bass Guitar

The model #72-BG bass (left) was unchanged for 1963. This bass was made from maple, with a clear hand-rubbed finish, with a 25 1/8" short scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.  Electronics consisted of two AP-4 pickups with adjustable pole pieces, and volume and tone controls for each, and a 3-way pickup selector.

Other features included a bone nut, cast metal bridge and tailpiece and plastic pickguard.

Prices remained the same, with the model #72-BG selling for $125.00, and the model #82-BG, which was the same as the #72-BG, except for non-adjustable pickups, selling for $105.00.  

The model #4-BS (right) changed slightly in 1963.  The body was reshaped to more closely match Carvin's other guitars, and the electronics were changed.  Instead of volume and tone for each neck with a 3-way selector switch, the '63 model had a master volume and tone control, and on/off switches for each pickup .

The #4-BS sold for $229.90, and the #5-BS (without adjustable pickups) sold for $199.90.

1963 Carvin #4-BS Doubleneck