As had been the case since the late fifties, Carvin only offered one bass in 1964, not including the doubleneck bass/guitar.  However, this would be the last year for awhile that only had one model to choose from - in 1965, an imported model would be added, and as the sixties progressed, the line would continue to expand.

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1964 Guitars

1964 Guitar Amps

1964 Bass Amps

1964 Carvin Model #72-BG Bass Guitar

This is the Model #72-BG, would was, and would continue to be the basis for Carvin basses offered throughout the decade.  In 1964, this bass was maple with a clear finish, and a maple neck with oval rosewood fingerboard.  The neck also had an adjustable truss rod, nickel gears and a bone nut.  Electronics consisted of a pair of Carvin AP-4 pickups, with dual volume and tone controls, and 3-way selector switch.  The #72-BG sold for $125.00.  The #82-BG, which had non-adjustable pickups, sold for $105.00.  This model was also offered in a left-handed version, the #71-LH, which sold for $145.00.

Carvin began offering doubleneck instruments in the fifties, and even in the sixties, they were one of very few manufacturers to offer these unique instruments, especially in guitar/bass configurations.  This is the Model #4-BS, which was made of maple with a clear finish, and had bolt-on maple necks with adjustable truss rods, bone nuts, and rosewood fingerboards.  Electronics consisted of one AP-4 and two AP-6 pickups, with on/off switch for each, and master volume and tone controls.  The #4-BS sold for $229.90, and was also offered as the #5-BS, which had non-adjustable pickups, and sold for $199.90.

1964 Carvin #4BS Doubleneck Guitar/Bass