Guitar Amps

Carvin offered a handful of guitar amps in 1966, in combo and stack form, all in a solid-state configuration.  Although there were only a few to choose from, it was a start that would continue to grow.



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1966 Bass Amps


The Concert Series Amp was available in 3 models: the Mark II, which was 30W with a 12" Jensen speaker; the Mark IV, which was 60W with a 15" Jensen speaker; and Mark VII, which was 60W with two 10" Jensen speakers.  The Mark II sold for $125.90, the Mark IV sold for $149.90, and the Mark VII sold for $169.90.  A Hammond Reverb unit could be added to all of these models for an additional $29.90.  

All Carvin amps used the same control configuration, which was a 2-channel setup, which included a 2-band parametric EQ on each channel, as well as depth, speed and reverb on channel 1.

The #4-10B Lead Amplifier was a 60W combo that used 4 10" Jensen speakers.  The top-mounted controls were the same as shown above, and like other Carvin amps, the Hammond Reverb unit was optional.  The direct price on this unit was $199.90.

The model #T-11 Transistor Amp (above) was available separately, and was also a part of the Twin Master and Concert Series stacks.  It had a nominal rating of 60W, with 120W peak.  Price on this head was $119.90, and the Hammond Reverb was an additional $29.90.  Also available was the model #T-12, which was the same, but was rated at 80W RMS and 160W peak, and sold for $139.90.

The Carvin Twin Master used the #T-12 80W head and the #2-15T cabinet, which was loaded with 2 15" Jensen speakers and a compression horn tweeter.  The Twin Master sold for $299.90, plus $29.90 for the optional Hammond Reverb unit.  The #2-15T cabinet could also be purchased separately for $159.90.