Very little changed in Carvin's bass line for 1967.  The U.S. made #74-BG was unchanged, and the imported #I-907 was changed only in name (it was called the #I-906 in 1966).  The doubleneck #4-BS was slightly different, with interesting angled pickups.

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1967 Guitars

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1967 Bass Amps

1967 Carvin Model #4-BS Bass Guitar

Carvin had two bass models in 1967: one U.S. made, and one that was imported and sold through their catalog under the Carvin name.  The domestic bass, the #74-BG (left) was touted as "all new" for 1967, but was actually identical to the 1966 model (the 1966 model was new).  It was an interesting instrument, because it was built on a "relatively" standard six-string guitar scale, 25 1/8th inches, with the same neck width as a six-string guitar. To be tuned to the proper bass guitar notes at this short a length, "standard" bass guitar strings would have to be so loose, the instrument wouldn't be playable. So the catalog instructed that you had to order special Carvin bass strings from the factory. They cost $13.90 for a set, which was a pretty hefty sum in 1967 (but were still the same price as in '61). The price for the #74-BG bass guitar was $125.00.  The model #84-BG, with non-adjustable pickups, was $105.00.

The imported #I-907 bass (right) was a standard long scale instrument.  It features a mahogany body and rosewood fretboard and sold direct from Carvin for $69.90.  There was no information in the catalog as to who actually made this instrument, or if Carvin bought the parts and assembled them in California.  Presumably, they were made and assembled overseas, as they didn't even use Carvin's AP series pickups.


1967 Carvin Model #I-907 Bass Guitar

1967 Carvin #4-BS Doubleneck Guitar/Bass

There was also a doubleneck model for '67, the Model #4-BS.  This was the same basic short-scale doubleneck that had been offered throughout the 60's, although it had the odd angled pickups were a change from 1966.  The body and necks were maple, with rosewood fingerboards.  Electronics consisted of AP series adjustable pickups (AP-4 on the bass, AP-6 on the guitar), with an on/off switch for each, and a master volume and master tone control.  Price on the #4-BS was $229.90, or $199.90 for the #5-BS, which had non-adjustable pickups.  The Bigsby Vibrato was optional; it was an additional $29.90.