1969 saw quite a few changes from 1968.  The newly redesigned Model #74-BG was re-christened the #74-BGS, and the Model #75-ABG compact bass was dropped, and the Model #77-ABG became the standard.  The Model #41-BS doubleneck was unchanged.

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1969 Guitars

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The model #77-ABG (left) had been offered in 1968, but wasn't pictured in the catalog until '69.  This was an acoustic/electric bass with a 30" scale, Kluson tuners, and spruce top with maple back and sides.  Electronics consisted of the Carvin APB-4 pickups, with dual volume and tone controls and 3-way selector switch.  The Model #77-ABG sold for $149.90, and the left handed model (#76-LBG) sold for $159.90.

The #74-BS had some cosmetic changes for '69 (most obvious is the black pickguard, versus the white one of '68), but it was basically the same instrument with a new name - the #74-BGS (right).  Electronics configuration and control was the same as the #77-ABG, with a pair of APB-4 pickups with dual volume and tone controls.  The #74-BGS sold for $139.90.

The Model #41-BS bass & Spanish guitar doubleneck was unchanged from 1968.  Price on the model #41 was was $229.90, and a Bigsby vibrola could be added for an additional $29.90.  The model #61 hardshell case was available for $29.90, all of which was also unchanged from 1968.

If you wanted to order gear from Carvin in 1969, this is how you did it.  No 800 numbers, no Internet - just an order form in the back of the catalog. 

Interestingly, there were more instruments offered by Carvin than just guitars and basses in 1969.  As they had done off and on throughout their history, Carvin was an authorized reseller of instruments made by other manufacturers.  On the left is the Mark VII organ, which was made by Rheem (known now primarily for air conditioners!).  Direct price on this item was $549.90.

If an accordion was more your style, Carvin offered those, as well - in this case, made by Sonola.  They offered two models, the 152X-S Mini Grand, which sold for $299.90, and the 152X-M Baby Grand which was $319.90.