Bass Amps

As had been the case for most of Carvin's history, only a couple of bass amps were offered, with different variants on the basic configurations.  

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1978 Basses

1978 Guitars

1978 Guitar Amps

1978 Carvin Catalog Cover
1978 Carvin SC2000 Amplifier

The primary heads used on Carvin's bass amps in 1978 were the 125W SC2000 and 250W SC3000, which had been part of Carvin's lineup since 1976.  These basic solid-state power amps had a master volume, sustain drive, reversible ground and 7-band graphic EQ.  The SC2000 sold for $250.00, and the SC3000 sold for $320.00.


1978 Carvin Concert Bass Amp

The FH1800 (left) featured an 125W SC2000 solid-state amp, and one FH980 folded horn speaker enclosure, which had a single Electro-Voice EVM188 18" bass speaker.  The complete system sold for $600.00.  Also available was the SFH1800-1, which had a 250W SC3000 amp with a single FH980 speaker cabinet.  It sold for $670.00.  For larger applications, Carvin offered the SFH1800-2, which used the SC3000 head, and a pair of FH980 cabinets.  Direct price on this system was $1000.00.

Carvin's primary bass amp for '78 was the BM800 Musician's Bass Amp (right).  This was comprised of the 125W SC2000 solid-state head and one TR1000 cabinet with a pair of 15" MagnaLab speakers.  This model sold for $455.00.  It was also offered as the JBL800, which included the JBL-loaded JBL1000 cabinet equipped with a pair of 15" JBL K-140 bass speakers.  It sold for $625.00.  A more powerful version was offered as well, the SBM800-2 Super Bass Master, which included a 250W SC3000 solid-state head and two TR1000 speaker cabinets.  Direct price on this model was $750.00.  An equivalent JBL-equipped model was offered, the SJBL800-2, which sold for $1075.00.

1978 Carvin Bass Master Amplifier