If you were a bass player who was into Carvins in 1978, it was not a good year for you.  There was only one model to choose from - the CB100, plus the DB630 doubleneck bass/guitar.  

Carvin continued to offer a wide assortment of replacement parts, including tuners, bridges, tailpieces, electronic components and pickups.

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1978 Carvin Catalog Cover
1978 Carvin CB100 Bass

The CB100 model was based on Carvins "CM" series of guitars, which was in turn based on the legendary Gibson Les Paul and similar singlecut instruments.  This model was available in 1976, then disappeared in '77, and was reborn in '78, with new controls, and the M22 humbucking pickup - which would be a mainstay on Carvin gear throughout the 80's. It was available in clear or black finishes, with an ebony fingerboard and Schaller tuners. This was the last Carvin bass to use the short-scale 30" neck, the last "wider-at-the-top" headstock, and also signaled the end of bolt-on necks as the "standard" on Carvin instruments (although they would reappear as entry-level instruments in the 90's).  The CM100 sold for $320.00, or $340.00 for a left-handed model.  The HC15 hardshell case was $50.00.

This was the last year for the DB630 doubleneck.  These also featured the M22 humbucker, as well as new bridges, tailpieces, and an additional volume knob, providing control for each pickup.  The neck selector switch was also moved to between the necks, allowing for more convenient mid-tune neck switching.  It was available in black or clear finishes, with a maple body, bolt-on maple necks, ebony fingerboards and Schaller tuners.  The DB630 sold for $665.00 in either finish, or $725.00 for a left-handed model.  It was also offered as the DB120C, which had a 12-string guitar on top, 4-string bass on bottom, and a clear finish.  The DB120C sold for $715.  The HC19 case was $55.00.

1978 Carvin DB630 Doubleneck Guitar/Bass