Eilzug's CM140K
Carvin BBS ID: Eilzug

Wow, look at this one!  This is the one koa CM-series guitar I've ever seen, and probably one of only a handful that exist at all.  This is an '81 model (or possibly an '82), with chrome hardware, abalone block inlays, and of course, that great koa body.

And take note also of the 1981 XV-112E Oak amplifier.  These were offered for several years, but you just don't see these great amps very often. 

What a great set of vintage gear!

Dan Martin's CM130
WWW: http://martin.mesanetworks.net/banddays.htm

This is a great old CM-series guitar from 1978, when Carvin was transitioning from using Höfner parts to using their own parts.  This is also the year the M22 pickup was introduced, so Dan's guitar has one of the earliest sets of these pups around.  Notice that the headstock is the Höfner style, with "sword" inlay, zero fret, rosewood fingerboard and binding (for more Höfner comparisons, see the Guitar ID Guide).  Chrome hardware and clear finish on maple rounds out the package.  The amp is Dan's 2003 SX50.

On a side note, I highly recommend stopping by Dan's website, which chronicles his days with the Blue Velvets, a hard-working band from the midwest  in the 60's and 70's.  There's tons of cool information from that era, as well additional Carvin gear played by Dan and his sons through the years.  A great site, and well worth visiting.




Chuck Bonifield's CM130

Here's a classic CM130CE from 1981.  It has a maple boy and maple set neck with clear gloss finish and ebony fingerboard (the "CE" designated clear finish/ebony fingerboard) and chrome hardware.  These vintage CM models are getting harder and harder to come by, especially in such good condition.


Gumper's CM140C
Carvin Museum BBS ID: gumper

This is a 1979 model, and it looks to be in excellent condition.  The '79 models were pretty straightforward,  with the only options being clear or black finishes, and chrome or gold hardware.  This one is clear gloss on maple, with chrome hardware, and MOP block inlays on ebony.


Dave Sullivan's CM130C
Carvin Museum BBS ID: animephreak

Here's a vintage CM130, in great condition.  This is also a 1979 model, so this is a great chance to compare and contrast with Gumper's '79 CM140C above.  Also shown is Dave's early '90's XB212-2  amp, which is an X-100B head and a pair V212 cabinets.  Dave says:

"Picked this guitar up from CM/CBBS user rugby1. In completely awesome condition. Just a few minor dings on the edges and the usual wear and tear. Neck is in great condition. This guitar really screams when compared to the other guitars I own. It's got a great punchy sound, especially when coil-tapped. Also has one of the most comfortable neck joints that I've ever played, even though it's a set neck single-cut style guitar."