Xoph's DC400 Pair
Carvin BBS ID: Xoph

Here's a great pair of DC400s.  The Sapphire Blue on flamed maple one is a 1993 model, and has gold hardware, abalone blocks and a tung-oiled neck.  It's also been modded with EMG pickups.  The Ruby Red on quilt one is a 2005 model, and has gold hardware, abalone blocks, Fishman bridge, rounded body sides and tung-oiled neck.  Note the different headstock shapes, but basically, despite being 12 years apart, these guitars are surprisingly similar.

Gus Morganti's DC400T
Carvin Museum Forums ID: sixstringorchestra

Here's a beautiful new 2005 model DC400T.  It's finished in Umber Stain with Cherryburst edges on flamed maple with matching headstock.  It also has a Wilkinson tremolo, dual C22 pickups with active electronics, abalone block inlays and gold hardware.  It's shown above with Gus' 2005 CT6M.

Dave Fosbenner's DC400T
Carvin BBS ID: guitarfish

Here's an excellent 2005 model DC400T, in blueburst on quilted maple.  Dave says:

"With our 20th anniversary approaching, my wife realized nothing says "I love you" like a new guitar. I wanted something nice, but also something different. I almost bought another guitar at a local store, but fortunately before I did that I discovered Carvin.

I found my DC400T on Carvin's "In Stock" page, just waiting for me. I knew instantly it was what I was looking for. I had it in my hands in three days!"

Other features of this guitar include a non-rounded alder body with maple neck, ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays, chrome hardware, Wilkinson tremolo, C22N/C22B pickups with coil splitters and phase switch.

James Santa's DC400TA

The Anniversary Series guitars are especially nice, and this one is no exception.  It's a 2002 model, with alder body, flamed maple top with matching headstock and clear gloss finish, and 5-piece maple/walnut neck.  Other features include abalone block inlays, chrome hardware, Wilkinson tremolo and C22 pickups.  James says:

"I bought this guitar in August of 2002. It has one of the most beautiful flamed tops I have ever seen on any instrument. It plays as good or better than it looks. The abalone blocks shimmer brilliantly under the stage lights and the flamed top looks nearly pearlescent under the lights as well. It is just a fantastic guitar."


Tim Moran's DC400A
Carvin Museum Forums ID: PurpleDC400A

Here's another Anniversary model, this time finished in a very cool deep triple step purple stain on quilted maple.  Other features include abalone block inlays on an ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware, an M22SD in the bridge position, and an M22V in the neck position.


Frank Silano's DC400
Carvin Museum Forums ID: frankencat
WWW: http://www.highergroundband.com

This is a recent DC400, finished in trans black stain on quilted maple.  It has an alder body and maple neck, and an unmarked ebony fretboard.   Other features include black chrome hardware, and C22 pickups with coil splitters and phase switching.  Frank says:

"I bought this guitar from a music store/pawn shop through eBay so I don't know the specs exactly. As far as I can tell it's probably a '96 or '97 DC400. It is an amazing sounding guitar. I thought I would have change a bunch of stuff to make it giggable, pickups etc. but all I did was clean and set it up with some new strings and it's been all good ever since. I did have to replace the battery holder since the original one was damaged. This is one of the nicest guitars I have ever owned in 30 years of playing. I gig with it regularly and it is one of my go-to guitars. Thanks Carvin :)"