As the fifties drew to a close, the electric bass was beginning to gain acceptance in the music industry and with musicians.  And Carvin featured one right on the cover of the 22-page 1959 edition, the #7-BG, which was the only model they offered, and the very first Carvin bass guitar.

1959 Guitars

1959 Guitar Amps

1959 Bass Amps

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1959 Carvin Catalog Cover
1959 Carvin #7-BG Bass Guitar

And here is the cover model, the '59 model #7-BG (left).  It was a 25 1/8" scale model, constructed from maple with a bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard.  This bass had a single AP-4 adjustable pickup in the neck position, with a single volume control and two tone controls.  The price on the #7-BG was $119.90.  It was also offered as the #8-BG, which was the same except it had a non-adjustable pickup.  Price on the #8-BG was $109.90.  The #2-BG hardshell case was $19.90.

Carvin also offered the #4-BS doubleneck bass (right) and Spanish guitar (as electric guitars were referred to in those days).  This was based on the #7-BG bass shown above, and the #3-SGB guitar (as shown in the 1959 Guitars section).  Construction was maple, with adjustable AP series pickups, master volume, tone controls for each neck and a 3-way switch that selected either the bass pickup, or either of the guitar pickups.  The #4-BS sold for $229.90, and was also offered as the #5-BS, which had non-adjustable pickups, and sold for $199.90.  The #6-CBS hardshell case was $24.50.

1959 Carvin #4-BS Doubleneck Bass/Spanish Guitar