Nothing in the bass department changed in 1960.  The #7-BG and the non-adjustable #8-BG were the only standard basses offered, and their prices, specifications and catalog photos remained the same as the previous year.  The doubleneck #4-BS (which was shown on the cover with a #1-MS) and non-adjustable #5-BS were also still available, and they too were identical in every aspect to the previous year.

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1960 Carvin Catalog Cover

This is the model #7-BG bass, which was in it's second year of production.  Like the '59 debut model, it was a 25 1/8" scale model, constructed from maple with a bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard.  It also had a single AP-4 adjustable pickup in the neck position, with a single volume control and two tone controls.  The price on the #7-BG was $119.90.  It was also offered as the #8-BG, which was the same except it had a non-adjustable pickup.  Price on the #8-BG was $109.90.  The #2-BG hardshell case was $19.90.