1970 Carvin Catalog Cover Guitars

1970 was an interesting year in Carvin's history.  Most obviously, for the first time, the catalog had a splash of color in it, albeit just on the cover, and the unusual pink price list and order form that were in the center.  Additionally, the 1970 catalog was the first since the 50's not to have any doubleneck instruments of any sort in it (they would return in 1971, however).  Also, Carvin offered only 3 guitar models in 1970, and these models (and the catalog photography and descriptions) were the same as in 1969, although they had been given new model numbers that would persist through the next couple of years.  There were also only a few steel guitars to choose from, and within a few years, they would be gone permanently from Carvin's lineup.  For the first time, there were no mandolins offered, and the left-handed and 12-string versions of the available guitars that were offered in 1969 were no longer sold.

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1970 Carvin SS65B Guitar

On the left is the SS65B guitar, which was identical to the 1969 #35-SGC, but with a new name.  As in 1969, this model was constructed from a maple Höfner neck with rosewood fingerboard and Kluson tuners.  The body was made from "select woods from the Black Forest" with a sunburst finish.  Electronics consisted of a pair of Carvin AP-6 pickups, with dual volume and tone controls and three-way selector switch.  The Bigsby tailpiece was optional (indicated by the "B" following the model number).  Price on the SS65 was $140.00, and price on the SS65B was $170.00.

The SS70B (right) was identical to the 1969 #65-SGC.  The Bigsby tailpiece was standard, and a hardtail model was not offered.  Materials were the same as the SS65, with three AP-6 pickups versus two.  Controls consisted of a single volume and tone control, with an on/off switch for each pickup.  Price on the SS70B was $200.00.

The SC22 hardshell case for either model was $26.00.

1970 Carvin SS70B Guitar

1970 Basses

1970 Guitar Amps

1970 Bass Amps


The semi-hollow AS50B was identical to the 1969 #36-ASGC.  This model had a standard Hofner maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, maple body with spruce top, Kluson tuners and AP-6 pickups with dual volume and tone controls and a 3-way selector switch.  The Bigsby tailpiece was optional.  The AS50 sold for $160.00, and the AS50B was $190.00.  The AC24 hardshell case was $40.00.

1970 Carvin AS50B Guitar
1970 Carvin Steel Guitars

As the seventies began, a mainstay of Carvin's instrument line began to fade: the steel guitars.  During the fifties and sixties, these had been hugely popular, but changing musical styles of the seventies began to severely limit the appeal of these instruments.  In fact, Carvin only offered two base models - a pedal steel and a lap steel, in a variety of configurations.  

1970 Carvin P6000 Pedal Steel Guitar

Carvin offered two doubleneck pedal steel guitars in 1970 - the P6000 double-ten (above) and the P4000 double-eight.  Both were constructed from Eastern hardrock maple, with standard 23" scale fingerboards and lacquered sunburst finish.  Electronics consisted of an AP-8 or AP-10 pickup with a single volume and tone control.  The P6000 with 8 pedals and knee lever sold for $675.00.  The P4000 with 8 pedals sold for $550.00.  A double sharp and double flat changer could be added for $50.00.

1970 Carvin P2500 Pedal Steel Guitar

There were also a pair of single-neck pedal steel guitars offered in 1970 - the P2500 10-string with 6 pedals (above), and the P1500 8-string with 4 pedals, which were actually shown on the back cover of the catalog.  The construction materials and electronics were the same as the double-neck counterparts.  The P2500 sold for $450.00, and the P1500 sold for $360.00.

1970 Carvin PRO-8 Lap Steel Guitar

Carvin offered 3 lap steel guitars (also referred to as Hawaiian steel guitars) in 1970.  The PRO-S8 (left) was a single neck 8-string model with single AP-8 pickup and master volume and tone controls.  It sold for $80.00.  The PRO-D6 (near right) was a doubleneck 6-string model, with AP-6 pickups, and master volume and tone controls.  It sold for $100.00.  The PRO-D8 (far right) was a double-eight, with AP-8 pickups and master volume and tone controls.  It sold for $130.00.

1970 Carvin PRO-D8 Lap Steel Guitar
1970 Carvin Price List

In 1970, only the "retail" price was shown with each instrument, and the actual direct prices were only shown on the price list (left).  The price list and the order form (right) were printed with an unusual pink tint - the first color used in a Carvin catalog.

1970 Carvin Order Form