1972 Carvin Catalog Cover


In 1972, Carvin was still printing black-and-white catalogs, but the layout and photography was still pretty good.  New for 1972 was the SB60, which was essentially the same as the SB40, with a natural finish. Also new was the doubleneck DBS98B, which replaced the ABS95.

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1972 Carvin SB40 Bass Guitar

In the early 70's, Carvin basses featured bolt-on necks made by Höfner, and this is an example of that.  This is an AB45 30" scale acoustic/electric model (right), with inlaid pearl dot rosewood fingerboard, Kluson tuners and a hardrock maple neck with black polyester front and and clear polyester back.  It also featured 2 APB4 bass pickups with individual volume and tone controls with 3-way switch, polished cast aluminum bridge, brass frets, and MOP pickguard.  It was also available in a left-handed model.

Direct price on this was $169.96, or $179.96 for the lefty.  The AC21 soft case was also offered for $15.95.

On the left is the SB40, which also featured a Höfner neck that had all the same appointments of the AB45.  This bass was made of "high quality wood" (that's a quote from the catalog), and was available in a sunburst finish.  The pickups and electronics were the same as the AB45.

This model was only available in a right-handed version, and sold for $149.95.  The SC18 hardshell case was available for $29.95.

1972 Carvin AB45 Bass Guitar
1972 Carvin SB60 Bass Guitar

The SB60 (right) had the same neck and neck features and the same pickups and electronics as the SB40.  The body was hardrock maple (versus "high quality wood") with a natural finish.  It sold for $164.95, and a left-handed version was available for $174.95.  The HC18 hardshell case was available for $29.95. 

There was a new model for 1972, and was another in a long line of doublenecks produced by Carvin.  This model is a DBS98B (left), which was a Spanish guitar/bass doubleneck.  The necks were also made by Höfner, with the same neck/fingerboard features of the other basses, and the body was hardrock maple.  Electronics on the bass side consisted of a single APB4 pickup with volume and tone control, and the Spanish circuit (as it was called) had two AP6 pickups with single volume/tone controls and 3-way pickup selector switch.  There were also dual output so each neck could be plugged into it's own amp.  A  Bigsby vibrato rounded out the package.

Cost on this model was $279.95 with the Bigsby, or $249.95 without.

1972 Carvin DBS98B Doubleneck