Bass Amps

The 1980's arrived with a continuation of the expansion that began in the late 1970's.  More guitar and bass models would be added, as well as new models of guitar and bass amplifiers, with new features and improved functionality.  Although the beginning of the decade only had a few models to choose from, but the end of the decade, all of Carvin's departments would enjoy considerable growth.

1980 Basses

1980 Guitars

1980 Guitar Amps

1980 featured a decent selection of guitar and bass amps.  Not as many as present day, but a good enough selection to suit everyone from the hobbyist to the professional musician.

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1980 Carvin Catalog Cover
1980 Carvin SBM215 Bass Amplifier

For the pro bassist, this was the Carvin bass amp to have in 1980: the Bass Master.  Although rather tame by today's standards (as were all bass amps then), at the time, this was quite a good amp for the bassist playing decent-sized venues, or for mic'ing in large halls.

The Bass Master was available in either a single stack, with a 125W SC2000 solid state head, or a double stack, with an SC3000 250W head. 

Speakers consisted of one or two 15" MagnaLab speaker enclosures.  JBL E140 speakers were optional in these enclosures.

The BM115 single stack sold for $395, and the SBM215 double stack sold for $600.  JBL speakers were an additional $100 per enclosure.

1980 Carvin SC2000 Bass Head

The heart of the BM115 and SBM215 was the SC series 125W and 250W power amp.  The SC series of solid state amps was pretty basic - a 7-band graphic EQ, bright switch, sustain control (for adding distortion) and high and low inputs.

The SC2000 sold for $270, and the SC3000 was $340.

If a combo was more your speed, Carvin had that covered as well, with the B-115.  This 80W combo included the same features as the SC2000 and SC3000, in a lower wattage package (the chassis was , in fact, identical to the SC2000).  It also used the MagnaLab 15" speaker in a bass-ported cabinet, and could also be upgraded to a JBL speaker for an additional $100.

The B-115 sold for $350.

1980 Carvin B-115 Combo Bass Amp