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Carvin offered a wide selection of amps in 1981, in every configuration from small combos to medium stacks to full-blown concert stacks.  Amps and amp heads were available in solid-state and tube varieties, in various wattages with various features.

1981 Basses

1981 Guitars

1981 Bass Amps

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1981 Carvin Catalog Cover

1981 Carvin X-100 Amplifier

All new for 1981 was the X-100 series of amplifiers.  These tube amps were offered in a variety of configurations, including stacks and combos.  The standalone head was offered as the X-60 and the X-100, which produced 60W and 100W respectively.  This unit had a lead and rhythm channel, 3-band parametric EQ, 5-band graphic EQ, reverb and presence controls.  The X-60 sold for $419.00, and the X-100 sold for $489.00.  To read more about the X-Amps, click here.

1981 Carvin XV-212 Guitar Amp

A variety of new combo amps, based on the X100 chassis, was offered in 1981.  The XV-212 (shown) produced 100W into a pair of 12" MagnaLab speakers.  It sold for $569.00.  The XB-112, XT-112 and XV-112E produced 30W, 60W and 100W (respectively) into a 12" MagnaLab speaker (an EV speaker was used on the XV-112E).  These units sold for $379.00, $459.00 and $629.00.  The XV-115J was a 100W combo which used a 15" JBL speaker.  It sold for $679.00.

The XV-112E 100W combo was also offered in an attractive solid oak cabinet as well as the standard Tolex covering.  Price on this model was $714.00.

1981 Carvin XV-112E Oak Amplifier
1981 XV Concert Series Stacks

The XVS-112E (far left) and XV812-M (near left) represented both extremes of Carvin stacks in 1981.  The XVS-112E used the 100W XV-112E with an EV-12L Electro-Voice speaker in an extension cabinet.  Price on this unit was $799.00, or $979.00 with oak enclosures.

The XV Concert Stacks were available in a variety of configurations, with both Celestion and MagnaLab speakers.  The XV-412M was a single stack with an X-100 head and a 4X12 MagnaLab cabinet.  It was also offered as the XV-412C, which had Celestion speakers.  Prices on these were $769.00 and $869.00, respectively.  The XV812M and XV812C were double-stack models, with 2 4X12 MagnaLab or Celestion speakers and an X-100 head.  These sold for $1049.00 (MagnaLab) or $1249.00 (Celestion).

1981 Carvin ST-125 Amplifier Head

The ST-125 and ST-300 solid-state heads were the power behind Carvin's ST Concert Stacks.  These heads produced 125W and 300W into 2 channels.  Each channel had a 7-band graphic equalizer, as well as master volume, reverb and drive on each channel.  The 125W ST-125 sold for $439.00, and the 300W ST-300 sold for $519.00.

There were a variety of stacks offered based on the ST Series amp heads.  Like the XV Concert Stacks, these were offered with MagnaLab or Celestion speakers.  The ST-412M single stack, with MagnaLab speakers and the ST-125 head, sold for $719.00, it the Celestion equipped equivalent sold for $819.00.  The STS-412M and STS-412C were single-stack models that had the ST-300 head.  They sold for $795.00 and $895.00.  Also offered were the STS-812M (shown) and STS-812C double-stacks, with had two cabinets (MagnaLab or Celestion) with the ST-300 head.  The STS-812M sold for $1079.00, and the STS-812C sold for $1279.00.

1981 Carvin Concert Stacks
1981 Carvin Extension Speakers

Carvin offered a wide range of speaker cabinets that could be purchased separately.  The cabs were equipped with Carvin's MagnaLab speakers, as well as Celestions, JBLs and Electro-Voices.  Carvin also offered just the speakers without cabinets, as well as horns.


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