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As was the case in '80 and '81, if you wanted a Carvin bass in 1982, you had basically one choice: the LB50.  It was made from Eastern hardrock maple, with set neck and ebony or maple fingerboard.  It featured a standard black headstock, with abalone inlaid headstock logo, side position markers and top position markers.  Chrome plated Schaller hardware was standard; gold was optional.  Electronics featured 2 volume and 2 tone controls, dual single/double coil switches, phase switch, and mono wiring.  There were some new options this year - red or white finishes, as well as the reintroduction of koa wood, but the electronics and other specifications of the LB50 remained the same as the previous year.

The LB50 was available in several models (with prices in parenthesis):

LB50CM - clear finish/maple fretboard ($375)
LB50BE - black finish/ebony fretboard ($395)
LB50CE - clear finish/ebony fretboard ($395)
LB50L - lefthanded model, with ebony fretboard, available in black or natural ($405)
LB50F - fretless model, with ebony fretboard, available in black or natural ($415)

There were options available, as well.  $20 would get you stereo wiring, gold hardware was available for $50, and red or white finishes could be had for an additional $20.  Koa wood was also available for an additional $40.  The HC14 hardshell case cost $68.

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1982 Carvin LB50 Bass
1982 Carvin DN612 & DN640 Doublenecks

Carvin also continued the doubleneck tradition with the DN612 (6-string/12-string guitar) and DN640 (6-string guitar and 4-string bass).  These were basically the same as the '81 model, with the exception of the Gibson-esque headstock pattern, which was dropped.  Standard feature were black or natural finish, MOP inlays and chrome hardware.  Electronics were the same as the LB50 (bass) and DC150 (guitar), with the exception of 1 tone control versus two.  Both had two output jacks; one for each neck - therefore, stereo wiring wasn't available.  The base price on the DN612 was $895, while the DN640 was $865.  It could also be ordered in red or white for an additional $40, or in Koa wood for an additional $80.  Gold hardware was available for an additional $100.  The HC15 hardshell case sold for $75.

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