Apart from some minor price increases, there were no significant changes to the lineup for 1985 - except one: the Kahler bass tremolo.  More on that below.

As for pricing, the base LB50 with an ebony fretboard was $439, and $419 for the LB50CM (maple neck/gloss finish).  There was a $20 upcharge for red or white.  The LB50K was $489.  The LB40 base price was $389, in black, white, red, or clear gloss finish.  The Koa model was $439.  The photos in the catalog were the same as the '84 catalog. 

The DN640 remained the same price as '84, and the same photo as had been used in previous years was used in the catalog.

1985 Carvin Catalog Cover
1985 Carvin Kahler Bass Tremolo

As mentioned, the Kahler bass trem was added as an option in 1985.  It was available on either the LB40 or the LB50 for an additional $170.  The catalog did not explicitly state whether it was available in gold or not.  Kahler did make them in gold, and later model Carvins did have them in gold (and black), but presumably, chrome was the only choice initially.

1985 Guitars

1985 Guitar Amps

1985 Bass Amps

1985 Kahler Bass Tremolo

1985 would be the last year for the LB50, but cool new basses were on the horizon...

1985 Carvin LB40 Bass 1985 Carvin LB40 Bass 1985 Carvin LB60 Bass