Bass Amps

The Musician's Bass Amp, Bass Master Amp and PB-150 & PB-300 heads were discontinued in 1987, and replaced with the Pro Bass line of amps, which were powered by the new Pro Bass II head, which was available in a rack-mount version and a stage head version.  The Concert Bass Amp was still part of the line, but used the new Pro Bass II head.

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1987 Carvin Bass Amps

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The photo at left was common in bass and guitar magazines of the late 80's, showing Matt Thorr with a V440T bass, and a Super Concert Bass Amp.  The Super Concert Bass Amp used a new PBII-300 head, V412H cabinet and Electro-Voice loaded 3000-E subwoofer.  It was available for $1189.

1987 Carvin PBII-300 Bass Amp Head

The PBII-300 (above) and PBII-100 (below) were Carvin's new bass heads for 1987.  These solid-state amps were the basis for all other bass amps for the year, and offered 330W or 100W of power.  The PBII-300 was also available in a rack-mountable unit.  The PBII-100 had high and low inputs, deep boost, 4-band parametric EQ, sustain, threshold and crossover controls.  It sold for $329.  The PBII-300 had the same features as the PBII-100, and also included a 5-band graphic EQ in a 300W package.  The PBII-300 sold for $479, and the PBII-300R rack-mountable unit sold for $449.

1987 Carvin PBII-100 Bass Amplifier Head

1987 Carvin Pro Bass 115 Amp

The new Pro Bass 115 amp used the PBII-100 head, connected to a 15" BM115-M cabinet.  The standard speaker was Carvin's HE15 bass speaker, but the cabinet could be loaded with Electro-Voice EVM-15B speakers.  The system was capable of supporting up to 4 BM115M cabinets, but was only offered in a single and double stack model.  The Pro Bass 115, with single speaker enclosure, sold for $479.  The SB115-H, with two 15" cabinets, sold for $789.

1987 Carvin Concert Bass Stack

The new Pro Bass 215 system (right) was available in two configurations - the PB215-H, which consisted of a 100W PBII-100 head, and a B215-H cabinet loaded with 2 15" Carvin High Energy Speakers; and the SB215-H, which consisted of a PBII-300 head and B215-H cabinet.  The PB215-H sold for $549, and the SB215-H sold for $699.

The Concert Bass Amp (left) also benefited from the new Pro Bass heads.  The SB-412H consisted of the PBII-300 head, and and one V412H 4X12 cabinet.  It sold for $799.  The SB-818H system was composed of a PBII-300 head, V412H 4X12 cabinet and V118H 18" speaker cabinet.  It sold for $1069.

1987 Carvin Pro Bass 215 Amp