Guitar Amps

There were several changes in Carvin's guitar amp line for 1989, including new photography for the new catalog layout.  The XV112E Oak was retired, although the standard XV112E remained part of the lineup.  The X-60B and X-100A tube heads were also gone, as was the X-Amp mini stack.  New for 1989 was the SX400 MOSFET head and SX Concert Stack, and the SX15 Rack Preamp.

1989 Basses

1989 Guitars

1989 Bass Amps

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1989 Carvin Catalog Cover

1989 Carvin Guitar Amps

Carvin's MagnaLab brand of speakers had been renamed with the Carvin brand in 1988, and in 1989, Carvin introduced the BR12 British Series speakers, which were now standard in all Carvin speaker cabinets.  Celestion speakers were no longer offered with Carvin guitar amps, and the Electro-Voice speaker was only offered in the XV112 combo.1989 Carvin British Series Speakers

1989 Carvin SX Series Amps

The SX-60, SX-100 and SX-200 MOSFET amps were basically unchanged for 1989, but also benefited from the new BR12 speaker.  Prices increased slightly, to $349 for the SX-60, $399 for the SX-100 and $469 for the SX-200.

The Compact Studio Tube Amps were similar to the '88 models, with the exception of the addition of the BR12 speaker.  Base price on this 60W tube amp was $429.

1989 Carvin Compact Studio Tube Amps

1989 Carvin Tube X-Amps

The Tube X-Amps were also basically unchanged, but the oak enclosure had been dropped.  The XV112 (shown) with a BR12 speaker sold for $599, the XV112E  with an Electro-Voice EVM12L-PL speaker sold for $669, and the XV212 with a pair of BR12 speakers sold for $669.

The X-60B was retired, leaving only the X-100B (below) tube heads, which was unchanged for 1989.  The 100W X-100B sold for $569, the same as it was in 1988.

1989 Carvin X-100B Amp Head

New for 1989 was the SX400 MOSFET Amp Head (below).  This solid-state amp head was designed for the guitarist who wanted an amp stack, but preferred the sound of a solid-state version over a tube-driven model.  The amp chassis (and therefore, the controls and features) was the same as the SX series of combos, but was more powerful, at 400W RMS.  Direct price for the SX400 was $499.

1989 Carvin SX400 Amp Head

Also new for 1989 was the SX15 Rack Preamp (below).  This was designed for older instruments with lower output pickups, giving them better sustain and tone.  This could also be used with Carvin's FET series of power amps. The control layout and operation was identical to the SX400 amp head.  Direct price for the SX15 was $249.

1989 Carvin SX15 Guitar Preamp

1989 Carvin SX812 Concert Stack

The SX812  Concert Stack (left) was powered by the new SX400 head, connected to a pair of V412 cabinets which were loaded with 4 12" Carvin BR12 speakers.  It was also available in a half-stack, the SX412.  Direct price for the SX812 was $1239, and the SX412 was $829.


The XB812 Concert Tube Stack (right) was basically unchanged.  Unlike previous years, it was only available in two configurations, a half-stack and a full stack, both of which were loaded with BR12 speakers and powered by the X100B head.  The XB812 full stack sold for $1299, and the XB412 half-stack sold for $939.

1989 Carvin XB812 Concert Tube Stack