Guitar Amps

There were several changes in the guitar amps area in 1991.  The SX400 head was dropped, as was the X60 tube amp combo.   There were several new items, as well - the X-50B tube head, the XT112 combo, and several stacks based on the new V212 speaker enclosure.

1991 Basses

1991 Guitars

1991 Bass Amps

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The XB412 and XB812 (right) were unchanged for 1990, and were joined by the new XL412.  The XL 412 was a single stack amp, which used the new X-50B head (see below).  The XB models continued to use the X-100B head

The XL412 sold for $859.  The XB412 dropped in price to $929, and the XB812 dropped to  $1299.  The cabinets were also available separately, for $439 each.

The X-100B (above) got a sibling in 1991, the X-50B.  Features and specs were the same as the X-100B, in a 50W package.  The new X-50B sold for $499, and the X-100B dropped in price to $579.

The X60 Combo Tube Amp went away in 1991, and to replace it, Carvin introduced the XT112 (left).  This amp was based on the X-50B amp chassis, with one 12" BR12 speaker.  Price on this combo was $499.  The XV212 was still available, and had dropped in price to $669.

The XV112 Oak, which disappeared after 1988, reappeared.  Even the same catalog photo from the 80's was used (notice the cursive logo on the amp - presumably, the "actual" amp had the new logo).  With the exception of the since-introduced BR12 speaker, this amp was the same as the one that went away in 1988.  Price on the XV112 Oak was $749.

The SX60, SX100 and SX200 (left) MOSFET Combo Amps were the same as their 1990 counterparts, as well.  These solid state amps were offered in 60W and 100W versions with a single BR12, and a dual-BR12 200W version.  The SX60 dropped in price to for $349, the SX100 dropped to $399, and the SX200 dropped to $499.

New for 1991 were the XL212 and XB212 Tube Stacks.  These unusually-configured amps used an X-50B or X100B head, with one or two new V212 2X12 speaker cabinets.  The XL212 used the X-50B head, and one V212 cabinet, and sold for $729.  The XB212-2 used an X-100B head with 2 V212 cabinets and sold for $1049.
The SXR212-2 was similar to the XB212, but this stack used the FET450 power amp with a SX-15 preamp and a pair of V212 speakers.  Unlike the XL212, this was only available in a dual-cabinet configuration.  The SXR212-2 sold for $1295.

The SX-15 Preamp dropped in price, from $349 to $299.