Bass Amps

Carvin's bass amps for 1999 remained basically unchanged, with the Red Line Series gaining in popularity.  The Pro Bass 10 and 15, and the Pro Bass 200 were unchanged, as was the R600 head and it's associated components, and the RL6815 Cyclops.  However, there were two significant changes - the R600 was now available in a 1000W model (the R1000), and a new combo was introduced - the RC210.

1999 Basses

1999 Guitars

1999 Guitar Amps

New for 1999 was the RC210 Red Eye Combo.  This was a tiltback amp, based on the Series II Red Line amps.  This 600W combo had all the features of the R600 head, in an ultra-compact package with a pair of 10" speakers and the Red Eye horn.  The RC210 sold for $749.95, and was also available as the RC210-18, which included the RL118 extension cabinet.  This sold for $1049.95.