This is a 2004 XB76P in figured walnut with a Birdseye maple fingerboard.


Here's a recent XB75 in burnt umber stain on quilted maple, with 5-piece neck and gold hardware.


This is an XB75P in umber stain on quilt with dual HB2 pickups.


Here's an XB75L in tobacco sunburst.


This is a recent XB76 in Harlequin Prismatique - cool!


This is an unusual XB75.   According to a reliable source, this was a prototype that was made from Johnny April of Staind.  Notice the the HB-series pickups are spaced farther apart than normal, and the lower horn has been shortened considerably.


Here's another shot of the above bass that better shows the lower horn. 


You don't see too many XB-series basses on eBay.  This is an XB76P, in koa wood, with 5-piece neck, black hardware and matching headstock.